About Me

Hi, I’m Cyril Earle Horrell Jr. but almost everyone calls me Ceejay. I’m a certified Healthy Lifestyle Coach with iHeal Canada.


Born in the sun-kissed, twin-island republic of Trinidad and Tobago, I now live in Ontario Canada, but somehow I don’t think that’s necessarily what you’re interested in knowing.


I think we can agree that the question we’re usually hoping to get answered is whether or not this person can really help me, is this person worth my time and attention?


For many of you reading this, I’d have to say the answer is NO.

Ceejay Horrell 00.png

You see, unless you’re ready to make the difficult but rewarding journey from coping to healing or from being stuck to unstuck, you won’t be open to joining me on the journey towards freedom.


If you’re ready, then I am committed to taking this journey with you and encouraging you every step of the way.


Our journey begins NOW.


Every day we’re making choices and our choices are making us – the style of our life, our lifestyle!


Healthy Lifestyle Coaching helps us create a strategy for living our best life now regardless of the challenges that come our way.


I am looking forward to helping you:

define where we are;

decide where we want to be;

create strategies that will help us reach the goals we are setting for ourselves;

learn how to implement them;

evaluate how our implementation plans are working for us;

adjust our implementation plans as needed; and,

continue to embrace lifelong living by living within the circle of a balanced life: defining, deciding, creating, implementing, evaluating and adjusting.


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Coaching is conducted in person or on Zoom (or similar platforms).