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We Are The World

The world needs us to need each other right now.

As a principle, love is the truth, the law, the code, the moral rule that governs, protects and sustains the entire universe (and will one day restore it) because creation is the Creator’s love actualised in material form (Genesis 1:1, 26).

We often think of love as an emotion and although love is most definitely experienced emotionally, love is NOT an emotion, because love is not dependent on feelings and emotions. But rather, LOVE functions despite, feelings and emotions, because LOVE is the moral rule that governs actions, thoughts and behaviour because LOVE is founded on His Divine character, not our own.

If LOVE isn’t resembling, reflecting, and revealing the character of the Creator, rest assured it isn’t love but a counterfeit.

This means that our LOVE for the Creator is NEVER greater than our LOVE for our fellow men (1 John 4:20-21).

And for those of us that profess to revere the Creator, remember, reverence is about the attitude of our heart, the style of our life, our lifestyle. It’s an outward visible sign of an inward change, an inward reality!

Reverence is a divine transformation that causes the heart to beat with the right emotional, relational and spiritual attitude toward our Creator and our fellowman.

Deep down inside of all of us, we know that the most important things in life are not things at all but rather the healthy relationships we have; and that innate understanding was put in us by our Creator Himself.

The world needs us to need each other right now. Let us pray, call, FaceTime, WhatsApp, DM, Skype, Zoom, whatever it takes to let those within our community know we love, need and care about each other.

And to all the care providers, thinkers, and leaders that are fighting for us on the front lines, we love and appreciate how much you’re working tirelessly for our good.

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