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Spiritual Health

Today, so many equate personal success with material acquisition and academic or occupational achievement, but public success does not mean personal success; we mistakenly feel we’re conquering the world while our private lives fall apart. What if success, in its purest form, had more to do with our spiritual health, our self-image, our beliefs, our sense of destiny, more than anything else?

Pre-set, hard wired into all of us, is a sense of destiny and a moral compass, and you know all this to be true because it’s deep inside of you! Now listening and responding to the sense of destiny we feel inside, to our moral compass, requires belief.

Too often unbelief or dysfunctional beliefs holds us back!

Some of us need to train our beliefs. We need to learn how to never allow negative thoughts and insecurities to smother that sense of destiny we feel, never allow distorted thoughts and insecurities to destroy our moral compass, that sense of right and wrong.

Be-living is the currency that changes everything. It has the power to alter our circumstances and rearrange our destiny.

Spiritual wellness is about being connected to something greater than ourselves and when we do it affects our values, principles, morals and beliefs, and gives our lives purpose and meaning.

“When what you believe is stronger than what seems inevitable, then that faith and belief becomes sacred. Its powers of persuasion motivate you to consider possibilities others haven’t dreamed of, and enable you to harness conviction and confidence. You are inspired by what you believe is possible”. Wintley Phipps - Perfecting Me

We are designed to believe outside ourselves and faith in Divine Power is linked to good health, faith and belief are powerful.

Experience practical reliable teaching on how to grow spiritually; discover with others in the comfort of your own space. Sessions are conducted online right from your personal computer or your mobile device via Zoom or similar platform.

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