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Be Still

As an introvert, I am often aware of how much people want from me and how much they are happy with receiving it, and the moment I am giving less they're not only ready to point it out but think that I am either withholding intentionally or that they are the cause, usually seldom pausing to consider, I might just be the one in need and not doing that well.

In those moments I don't need advice or for someone to put me to sit down and go through my emotional checklist, I just need to be still or be in the presence of someone who would be willing to be still with me. Introverts love the stillness, that's why they prefer to recharge alone because many people are unwilling or unable to be still, but there is something for all of us here.

Stillness is powerful. “Being still is like replenishing the stores. It allows us time and space.” - Karin Lawson, PsyD

I've learned how to be still in the midst of the chaos, and it's important because sometimes the chaos won't wait or stop for us. Learning to be still has given me time and space to reflect, hear my own thoughts and the precious pearls others have deposited along the way.

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